Center Committee

All parents who have children enrolled in Head Start are automatically members of Center Committee.  The purpose of this committee is to share information with the parents via reports by the director, parent support coordinator, education coordinator, health coordinator and teachers.  Parents are to use this time to discuss and give input into educational activities/curriculum planning and menu planning.  Parents also use this time to arrange projects and plan activities to help their children and families.

In the fall, the Center Committee members meet with the assistance of the family support coordinator.  The committee elects officers; a chairperson, secretary and treasurer.  The chairperson runs the meeting, the secretary records the minutes.   The treasurer reports on the status of parent monies.

An agenda is developed by the chairperson and distributed to all parents in the program.  After each meeting, the minutes are distributed by the secretary to all parents in the program.  The parent coordinator shall be available to assist the officers and members.